A Travel Document may be issued to a Filipino national who lost his passport or does not have a valid passport and wishes to return to the Philippines. Travel documents will be issued ONLY by the Consular Officer if all the requirements as stated below are met. A Travel Document is valid for only thirty (30) days from the date of issuance and is meant only for direct, single-travel to the Philippines. Once it is used, it cannot be re-used or used for any other purpose.


1.  Personal Appearance.

2.  If available, photocopy of passport.

3.  Affidavit of Loss, if the lost passport is still valid.

4.  Photocopy of the airline ticket, e-ticket or booking confirmation from travel agency. The airline ticket must show that it is for direct travel to the Philippines with no stopovers in a non-Asian city.

5.  Birth certificate on NSO security paper.

6.  Three (3) recent passport photographs (color photos with white background). Applicant must be in decent attire.

The Embassy shall require the applicant to pay the costs of verification if applicant is unable to present a copy of his/her passport.

Fees:    Euro 27.00  (Travel Document)
            Euro 22.50 (Affidavit of Loss)
            Euro 22.50 (Verification)